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If you are interested in developing a committed and engaged team with less internal conflict and more collaboration so you are free to build your business and maximize your bottom line then you are in the right place.

The key is discovering a path for building an authentic team culture that instills collaboration at all levels of operation.

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Learn “Why Happiness Matters” , hint: happy teams are high performing teams. Discover the fundamental principles are that drive happiness and how to use them to create a high performing team. This tool is packed with tips & strategies for building team collaboration using six proven collaboration-building principles that reduce team conflict, are measurable and easy to implement.

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Measure your Results. Discover how to strategically identify your team’s growing edge in a way that takes all the guess work out of team building so that you can maximum your return on your workforce development investment.

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Educate Your Team. Get your team members on the same page and headed in the same direction with video tips, team activities, and researched leadership, project management and team building articles written to help you take your team to the next success level.

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Insights Invaluable To Entrepreneurs

“Dianne Crampton offers clarity and has provided a plan that demystified the elusive ingredients of winning team cultures – those ingredients that, until now, has prevented many good people from creating great organizations.”


Larry Broughton, Founder and CEO of Broughton Hospitality, Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year® and NaVOBA Vetrepreneur® of the Year

Valuable resources for leaders

“TIGERS has a powerful message that is as useful for solopreneurs as any other business leader. Each and every vendor, colleague, and client relationship influences and is influenced by the collective interaction and input of all those individuals with any one business – employees or not. Dianne Crampton’s expertise on this topic comes through in easily understandable and immediately useful terms.”

Paulette Ensign, President

Head of the class, cutting edge resources

“Dianne is one of the most forward thinking women I know. She’s always striving to do more, learn more, and to be on top of technologies that will work best for her client base. Her ability to get to the heart of the matter is what makes her a leader in building teams and helping them to become stronger.”

Elise Michaels, Entrepreneur, Elise Michaels Media[

"TIGERS" is an ideal system

“Having been a science teacher for over 30 years, I am well aware of the importance of teamwork at every level within a school system. From students working together on an experiment to faculty and staff working in harmony, the benefits of a well run team cannot be overrated.

To this end, the “TIGERS” is an ideal system”

Tony Lacertosa, Director, Alternative Careers for Teachers